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Like any new endeavor, Pactriglo came to life with an idea and a vision for doing something more efficiently.

“In China, I was exposed to megacities like Beijing and Shanghai,” says Pactriglo’s founder Benjamin Pezzillo “I’d never been in cities of 25 to 30 million people. It was mind boggling.”

It was upon his return to Los Angeles when the idea and vision for Pactriglo hit him.

“I looked at Los Angeles from the airplane on our approach to land at LAX,” says Pezzillo “I realized the future of Los Angeles was necessarily denser and more vertical. And I knew from my background in City Hall that they didn’t have a system to measure and organize the underutilized zoning for infill development. I saw an opportunity and I built the information and ways to share it with the real estate industry.”

As a real estate technology startup, Pactriglo participated in IBM’s Global Entrepreneurship Program. Their resources enabled Pactriglo to work with graphic processor units (GPUs) and software capable of visualizing tens of millions of data points with ease. Pactriglo continues to participate in Nvidia’s Inception Program for startups working in Artificial Intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence can’t interpret zoning code, especially one as complex as Los Angeles’,” says Pezzillo “But it can help compute large data sets and certainly is essential for making predictive analysis.”

Pactriglo’s customer base has grown to include multifamily developers, affordable housing developers, permanent supportive housing initiatives, single family redevelopers, and many others looking for granular and actionable insights from complex sets of geospatial and other data.

“We started with Los Angeles,” says Pezzillo “But we can do what we do wherever there is the appropriate underlying data to support the client’s desired analysis. And we do.”

So what does the name Pactriglo mean?

“It’s an artificial word. I created it.,” says Pezzillo “It’s a unique trademark in a world filled with noise. If you see it, you know it’s us. And that’s the point.”

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Most Innovative Real Estate Data Services Provider 2021 — USA
New World Report’s sixth annual Software & Technology Award

Slide MEET BENJAMIN PEZZILLO “My fascination with maps started in scouting,” says Pactriglo’s founder Benjamin Pezzillo. “I love what I do.”

Mr. Pezzillo’s career as an entrepreneur, however, did not begin until 2015. “No one was hiring,” says Pezzillo. His confidence in entrepreneurship stemmed from a career full of zig-zags.

After graduating from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communication with a B.Sc. degree, Pezzillo landed a job on a feature film shooting in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Soon thereafter he moved to Los Angeles to work in motion picture and television production. With an existing skill set in photography, Pezzillo quickly ended up exploring his new hometown as a location scout.

“It was great,” says Pezzillo “With a camera and a Thomas guide, I literally got to go everywhere in the city as if I had a backstage pass to everything.”

World events steered Pezzillo to public service and after a stint working for the federal government, he landed in LAPD’s civilian Scientific Investigation Division as a photographer.

“The work was fulfilling but the work environment left plenty of room for improvement,” says Pezzillo.

As a result Pezzillo got involved in his collective bargaining organization, the city’s venerable Engineers & Architects Association, first as an elected official and then as a fulltime business agent. “Once again, I got to see every nook and cranny of the city,” says Pezzillo. “That back room at City Hall where labor and management negotiate billion dollar bargaining agreements? Been there.”

When his role leading the city’s white collar labor union ended, Pezzillo became a management-side labor negotiator and traveled the United States for several years negotiating labor contracts for a large private security firm.

And in 2015, he found himself doing human resource consulting for a real estate broker and traveling through China as the guest of a prominent real estate developer there.

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