Map Your Sales Leads in 5 Minutes

In this five-minute module you will learn how to import a list of leads from a CSV file into Google My Maps to organize your field calls:

1) Log into your Google account. In the same browser, open a tab and navigate to 

2) Under the Menu icon (the three lines on the left side of the search bar), select "Your Places".

3) Select "Maps" and click on "Create Map" at the bottom of that menu:

4) In the menu box that appears, give your map a title and the layer you are about to import a title:

5) Select Import and navigate to or drag the file with you leads. Note CSV, XLSX, KML, and GPX formats are supported. Our file is a list of Dentists in Los Angeles from data purveyor Pactriglo and contains latitude-longitude pairs. However, addresses can be used to position your prospects as well. In our file, latitude-longitude are under the Location column:

6) Be sure to select the appropriate order for your geolocation info:

7) Choose a column to title your markers. In our example, we will choose Business Name. Click Finish:

8) Prospect away:



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