Pactriglo: Locating Opportunities for Urban Housing Development

Pactriglo and MapD

The Challenge

Pactriglo was founded on the premise that maximizing developer utilization of existing zoning could circumvent the lengthy political process and help solve LA’s housing crisis. Existing platforms, such as ZIMAS, NavigateLA, and LADBS, were unable to dive into millions of data points simultaneously, or to interactively explore the data by zone, down to the street level. Pactriglo's custom real estate application could only meet that objective by harnessing MapD’s power to query and visually explore regional housing data much faster than existing tools for geospatial analytics.

MapD Solution

Pactriglo empowers its building developer customers by giving them MapD’s visual analytics and SQL engine so they can slice and dice the dataset in its entirety. This eliminates the need for pre-aggregation, and Pactriglo users see results in milliseconds. They can easily cross-filter the data by the features that matter: zoning, sub-zoning, utilization, or construction activity.


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