Urbanize.LA's review of Pactriglo™

Pactriglo: Initial Impressions
Will this new real estate intelligence tool shake things up in Los Angeles?

by CHRIS LOOS AND STEVEN SHARP on October 23, 2017, 2:30PM

For years, developers have blamed Los Angeles' convoluted real estate entitlement process for the region's housing crisis. A recently launched real estate intelligence platform, by a former City Hall insider and a GIS analyst, hopes to address this problem by allowing investors to cut through the red tape and identify suitable properties more quickly.

The program, dubbed Pactriglo, began development in early 2016 and launched publicly July 2017 sources data from four different public agencies, then uses that information to compile a searchable database which can identify properties according to zoning, utilization, secondary zoning, and building construction activity.

Its creators Benjamin Pezzillo and Robert Lega note that in any given year, the Los Angeles Department of City Planning receives twice the number of applications that it can complete, creating a bottleneck in the development process. Applications for items requiring discretionary approvals - such as a zone change - can result in an entitlement process lasting two-to-six years with no guarantee of success.

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