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Real Estate Tech News

Pactriglo’s market intelligence unlocks the value of Los Angeles’ existing zoning
Los Angeles, CA – February 5, 2018 – Pactriglo, Los Angeles’ premier real estate intelligence service for developers, builders, and brokers, announced two powerful new features to enhance its existing platform. As Los Angeles attempts to solve its housing crisis, the new data analysis functions found in Pactriglo will help real estate professionals find real solutions using the city’s current zoning regulations.
The Research Solution for Real Estate Developers Los Angeles is struggling to tackle its housing crisis. The complex problem is compounded by the backlog of development applications. Applications requiring discretionary approvals, like a zone change, could spend anywhere between two-to-six years going through the entitlement process. Benjamin Pezzillo, CEO and founder of Pactriglo, is a former labor union business agent for Department of City Planning employees and has insight into the process. Working through zoning changes, Pezzillo believes, isn’t going to solve the housing crisis.


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