1. 75 million data points?

Our custom built proprietary database includes 1,000,000 rows of information, each 76 columns deep, for a total of about 75 million fields.

2. Data of Record?

Data of Record is the same information that local government agencies use. We get the same data using public records access laws. It's the initial building blocks of our proprietary data transformation that delivers significant added value and insight to you.

3. What's the catch?

We bring added value to real estate data in dimensions never before available. Considerable time, energy, and effort are combined with a supercomputer and cutting edge software. Our subscription rate reflects the exclusive nature of our application of supercomputing to real estate data analysis and the market value of that distilment.

4. Where do I get the special software I need to see the data?

Not applicable. You do not need special software to yield conclusions. No downloads. No plugins. No extensions. All you need is a current subscription and a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer (tablets and smartphones are often too touchy-freely for our fine map points).

5. Can I use printouts and screenshots for my presentations?

Yes -- in fact we encourage it. Our dashboard layout is Ctrl-P friendly in your browser! However, for permission to publish in commercial mass media (articles, blogs, magazines, television, etc.) please contact us: client@pactriglo.com

6. When will you cover more than the City of Los Angeles?

Soon. Each municipality has its own zoning laws and each requires different utilization calculations. Got a city that you'd like to see added sooner versus later? Email us: client@pactriglo.com -- that will help us know how to prioritize our geographic expansion!

7. Do you offer a free trial?

Only for multiple license sales. For immediate unrestricted access as a single user you will need to purchase a paid subscription.

8. Can we schedule a demonstration?

Absolutely. If you are in the Greater Los Angeles area we can visit your office or schedule an online demo.