What Others Say

Names have been changed to protect the privacy of our clientele*:

"Access to Pactriglo's data analysis reduced what is normally 300 hours of work to 25 hours"

-- a real estate broker in Los Angeles


"The building construction activity dashboard is incredibly helpful. Love the ability to see permit types, zoning, and date range. We have actually had an instance where we wanted to highlight [a neighborhood] for potential new sites based on sales requests and have been able to zero in on 20 options for our sales team to pursue. Love it."

 -- a provider of services to the construction industry


"Coming from [a local politician's office], I was blown away by the impact that Pactriglo can have on site acquisition."

-- a former planning staff member in a local political office


"We had them give a demo last week here, when the LA version launched, and everyone was awed..."

-- an architect with a major design firm


*full disclosure: No one quoted above is an investor, director, officer, or shareholder of Pactriglo, Inc.