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Save years in the current project process by starting with the right zoning. By using the existing underutilized zoning, Los Angeles, for example, could address its housing crisis while also building out billions in unrealized real estate values. Pactriglo works with the real estate industry to find those sites with existing underutilized zoning.

Our custom systems help you eliminate risk from the outset of your searches. You avoid the headaches of constantly digging through deal flow to find the hidden challenges in each listing arriving in your inbox.

Pactriglo’s clients share a common problem. They can’t get the information they want the way they want it from the myriad of existing real estate data systems.

“We know whether someone will be a good client for us as soon as we know what they are looking for and how they’ve tried to do-it-themselves,” says Pactrilgo’s founder Benjamin Pezzillo. “Nearly every one of our clients has had their own idea as to what a more efficient and effective information solution should be and they have reached a capacity or technical knowledge barrier in creating it. That’s when they should call us.”


Some examples


A prominent single-family

redeveloper sought to find double lots, that is places where there are multiple municipal building lots buried under decades of county tax parcel demarcations. Pactriglo has helped this client find such lots in several large markets in the western United States.


An outdoor advertising firm

that specializes in providing pedestrian barricade fencing to construction sites wanted the most current information available on new construction projects. Pactriglo provides that client custom weekly reports that hone in on their desired targets and we do it the same day that the data is released from the local government agency responsible for it. The freshest business intelligence available delivered in an actionable form.


A capital investment firm

was looking for structures of an existing zoning with a specific existing use to speed their return on investment. Pactriglo decoded the existing use generated by one local government agency and attached it to properties of the desired zoning with information produced by a completely different local government agency.


A real estate broker

desired to find apartment buildings with existing approved condo maps but built after a certain date.
Pactriglo obtained the jurisdiction’s history of condo map projects then joined that information with property characteristics from
a completely different local government agency.


A well-established permanent

supportive housing organization needed to find sites by a city’s council districts.
Pactriglo organized their data analysis by zoning for their project-type and Council District for the political nature of
public housing funds.


A real estate developer

wanted to find properties where the underlying land use from the municipality’s community
plans had authorized a higher and better use than the current zoning assigned to the property. Pactriglo organized
all of the city’s community plans and ran comparisons to find properties where the current zoning was not aligned
with the underlying land use. This allows the developer to acquire these properties and seek a zoning change
knowing the municipality’s land use designation already supports the higher and better use.

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