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Our use of database technology allows us to organize tens of millions of data points from disparate official sources of information. Our innovations in proprietary coding allow us to identify the neighbors of every contiguous parcel and where multiple parcels are under the same ownership.


“While much of what we do involves tradecraft, we’ve developed some proprietary tools to turn that up a notch,” says Pactriglo’s founder Benjamin Pezzillo.

Chief among these is Pactriglo’s Neighbors algorithm. It allows Pactriglo to identify where multiple contiguous properties are already under the same ownership.

“The next-level in infill development is identifying where multiple neighboring properties are owned by one party,” says Pezzillo. “Larger footprints coupled with existing underutilized zoning. It’s out there.”

Pezzillo won’t say much more about Pactriglo’s current research and development.

“Over the years a lot of real estate developers have asked about computing residual land value,” says Pezzillo “Most cities are already in post-structural redevelopment. Meaning everything being built is being built on land already in use as something else.”

We source official information about real estate from the public agencies that produce it. Then we perform proprietary geospatial analysis and other trade secret reporting to turn it into actionable information that leads your search for the perfect site.

Typically, your title company is likely working off of the County Assessor’s tax-roll data. That’s important data to know and have and so we incorporate it into what we do too.

But we go beyond that. We take the data that exists in map files (geospatial data) and we consolidate it into a form that allows you to perform relational searches as you research your next site. That means you will be able to search for properties based upon characteristics not provided by your title company.


Lot Dimensions

We calculate the dimensions of every lot across entire cities in order for our clients to be able to identify only those lots that meet their project requirements

Historic Lots

We identify County Parcels of land that include multiple Municipal Lots in order for our clients to target those properties that are rip for subdivision using existing Lot Lines


Our proprietary process identifies contiguous County Parcels already under the same ownership


Using geospatial data we can identify property with status that you want to avoid, that means you can avoid properties with historic preservation status, under a design review overlay, or in a hazard area.

Alleys, Corners, Street Types

We us geospatial analysis to identify properties on alleys, corners, and on arterial routes