Decomplexifying LA's Zoning

Faster ROI

Faster ROI

Find the lowest entitlement risk for your project. Prospect by zoning, height district, zoning utilization, recent sales, and construction activity all while avoiding the maze of administrative review triggers depicted to the left.

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Stay Ahead of Competition

Stay Ahead of Competition

Supercomputer business intelligence. Track building construction activity and gain insights on redevelopment for strategic advantage. Peer into developing trends in recently filed City Planning cases in our expiremental dashboard.

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    The most granular tool available for urban infill in the City of Los Angeles.


    Traditional and non-traditional data. We've cleaned it, transformed it, and deliver it to your web browser.


    One developer recouped 90% of his time over status quo prospecting tools and methods. What could you do with that recouped time?


    Our LUZU Score™ identifies underutilized properties for you. The lower the score, the lower the utilization of the existing building envelope.


    Our database runs on a Nvidia-powered GPU server hosted in our secure facility. Our custom exclusive dashboards are faciliated through a hosted cloud.


    Increase the number of deals you can evaluate. Knock on only those doors you know are gems.


75 million data points?

Our proprietary custom-built GPU-powered database includes 1,000,000 rows, each row with around 76 columns for a total of about 75 million fields. Our user interface cuts through all of it in milliseconds to find you what you want to know, when you want to know it.

Data of Record?

Data of Record is the same information that local government agencies use. We get the same data using public records access laws. It's the initial raw material going into our proprietary process where significant added value and insight are brought to you in a manageable way.

What's the catch?

We bring added value to real estate data in dimensions never before available. Considerable time, energy, and effort are combined with a supercomputer and cutting edge software. Simply put, it's far from a button here and a button there to produce what we offer. Our fully supported subscription with onboard training is $2000/month.

Where do I get the special software I need to see the data?

Not applicable. All you need to yield your own conclusions from our data is a current subscription and a web browser on a laptop or desktop computer (tablets and smartphones are sometimes too touchy feely for our fine map points).

Can I use printouts and screenshots in my presentations?

Yes -- in fact we encourage it! However, for permission to publish in commerical mass media (articles, blogs, magazines, television, etc.) please contact us:

When will you cover more than LA?

Soon. Each municipality has its own zoning laws and each requires different utilization calculations. Got a city that you'd like to see added sooner versus later? Email us: -- that will help us know how to prioritize our geographic expansion!