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Faster ROI when your real estate development project starts with the zoning you need. Prospect zoning utilization from your desk chair -- not a driver's seat.

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The Problem. Our Solution.

The Problem. Our Solution.

Zoning changes take years of City Hall bureaucracy. Acquiring the 'by-right' entitlement you need gets you into the dirt faster and that gets you to ROI faster. Our data identifies primary zoning, by-right zoning 'hidden' in the zoning code, and the utilization of the existing zoning. No other platform offers the coverage of Los Angeles and San Francisco that we do.

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    Search Los Angeles and San Francisco by zoning, utilization, and assessed values for one flat-rate -- no public agency map or private per parcel report service does that.


    How valuable is your time? Eliminate 'hunt and peck' drive time. Focus your field time based on what prospects our data finds for you. Let us be your prospecting sifting pan.


    We include building construction activity data too. Stay ahead of redevelopment trends. And, get construction per SQFT costing insight into the areas where you build.


    Our monthly flat-rate allows you to roam both Los Angeles and San Francisco while making unlimited searches. No per report pricing here.


    Sign-up, if for some reason you don't like it, cancel within the first 24 hours and you will never be charged. For real. We promise.


    That next opportunity won't wait for you. Your competition certainly isn't going to wait for you. And time waits for no one.


How big is your database?

Our database for the City of Los Angeles includes 1,014,730 rows, each with 70 fields, for a total of 71,031,000 points. Our City and County of San Francisco database is 1,048,573 rows, each with 60 fields, for a total of 62,914,380 points.

How accurate is your data?

We use Data of Record from local government agencies. Our proprietary process and calculations add value to that raw material through our Luzu Score™ that measures the percentage of an existing entitlement's maximum structure size or permissible number of units.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription rates are $495 a month or $149 week. And that gets you access to every city we cover. You can try the platform for free for 24 hours -- simply cancel your subscription anytime in the first 24 hours and your PayPal account will never be charged!

Do I need any special software to view the data?

No. Unlike other companies, we provide you the means to view the data. You do not need to purchase or download any software. Your internet browser is all you need. We do recommend you access the platform using a desktop machine as touchscreens such as tablets and smartphones can be challenging when trying to click one small dot from another.

Can I use printouts or screenshots in my business presentations?

Yes. As long as you are a subscription member and include all trademarks, we encourage you to incorporate our data into your business presentations. For permission to publish in mass media (articles, blogs, magazines, television, etc.) please contact us:

Can I customize the dashboard or upload my own data?

You can change the size and arrangement of the windows but you cannot save your configurations (yet) or upload your own data (yet).