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What is it?

What is it?

Pactriglo is a powerful real estate intelligence platform bringing speed to real estate development and certainty to real estate investment. The platform identifies underutilized existing zoning -- by size in single family properties and by units in multifamily properties -- using proprietary Luzu™ scores. Building construction activity is also presented to monitor redevelopment activity.



Land use entitlement changes can take years to make their way through City Hall. By focusing on existing and underutilized zoning, as well as hidden zoning, our data helps you find properties with the entitlement you need. That helps you get into the dirt faster and speeds your ROI.



    Our data increases your deal flow capacity and speed by consolidating the most important information at your fingertips 24/7/365.

  • EDGE

    Discover 'hidden zoning' -- entitlements that allow for additional use (e.g. residential development allowed on commercially zoned property).


    Maximize the ROI on your time and your money. Beat you competition by spotting redevelopment trends at the block-by-block level from you desk.


How big is your database?

Our database for the City of Los Angeles includes 1,014,730 rows, each with 70 fields, for a whopping 71,031,000 points.

How accurate is your data?

We use Data of Record from local government agencies. Our proprietary process and calculations add value to that raw material through our Luzu Score™ that measures the percentage of an existing entitlement's maximum structure size or permissible number of units.

How much does it cost?

Our subscription rate is $488 a month. Our quarterly and annual billing options come with 15% off regular monthly subscription for the same period.

Do you cover any cities other than Los Angeles?

We're getting ready to launch our San Francisco data. Other major cities facing housing crisis will follow after that. If you have a suggestion on where to analyze next, please contact us:

Can I use printouts or screenshots in my business presentations?

Yes. As long as you are a subscription member and include all trademarks, we encourage to incorporate our data into your business presentations. For permission to publish in mass media (articles, blogs, magazines, television, etc.) please contact us:

Can I customize the dashboard or upload my own data?

You can change the size and arrangement of the windows but you cannot save your configurations (yet) or upload your own data (yet).