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Speed matters

Speed matters

Bypass the bureaucratic re-zoning process by targeting your acquisitions on properties with existing underutilized room to build. We use the power of IBM's Watson to crunch real estate data to speed your search and project completion timeline.

What Others Say

What Others Say

"You're on your way to solving an important problem for investors in the LA market" -- a Real Estate Investor

"This information was beyond helpful" -- a Multifamily Developer

"It'll help thousands of agents" -- a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent



    We start with the Data of Record that we acquire from various government sources. Then we analyze it behind-the-scenes using the most powerful data analytics platform available -- IBM's Watson.


    Our map of underutilized parcels includes construction and building activity. Why? To allow you to see areas with redevelopment activity and plot your next move in anticipation of the appreciation curve.


    When it comes to financing, speed matters. Our estimates are that developing existing underutilized zoning to slipstream around City Hall's entitlement change process can speed your project by 24 months or more.


What am I buying?

You are buying access to our real estate intelligence map. That map includes zoning utilization analysis of all Single Family Residence parcels in the City of Los Angeles. It also includes data on construction and building activity. We update as the government sources release new data. Each update is noted on our Learning blog and social media feeds.

How accurate is your data?

We start with data of record gathered from various local government agencies. We combine that data in our proprietary database and use it as the basis for our calculations.

Why do you map building permits?

There is a correlation between construction activity and appreciation. Typically, construction activity precedes appreciation by a period of one to three years. We offer our macro analysis of that correlation for your own review in our Learning section. The data points also serve as benchmarks for hyperlocal construction costs. We are working on ways to improve your ability to tailor construction estimates into a ROI calculator.

Why do you only cover Los Angeles?

We are working on improving our coverage to include San Francisco as well as all 88 cities in Los Angeles County.

Where can I get more information about your Company?

Email Benjamin Pezzillo, our Founder & CEO: He knows we put his email address here, it's okay, really...

Have you analyzed multifamily and commercial properties?

We are working on expanding our analysis to include Multifamily and Commercially zoned parcels in our Tier 2 level of service. Our Tier 2 level will include MFR and CRE in addition to our Tier 1 SFR service.