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Providing you the necessary information to make your decisions.



What We Do? 

Pactriglo uses geospatial data to simplify real-estate development for our clients. 


What Is Geospatial Data? 

Geospatial data uses remote sensing technology to calculate the dimensions of lots.


Why Geospatial Data? 

Geospatial data streamlines the process of finding properties with characteristics that you want.

Eliminate Risks

Our Custom System helps you by eliminating risk associated from the outset of your searches


Save Time 

Our Neighbors algorithm allows us to identify where multiple contiguous properties are already under the same ownership 


Provide Insights 

Our granular and actionable insights come from several complex sets of geospatial data, distilled to what's best for you


  • Identify where multiple properties are under the same ownership 
  • Can show contiguous properties 
  • Calculate lot dimensions 
  • Search for properties based on characteristics
  • Avoid properties with characteristics our clients don’t want
  • Municipal Detailed Zoning

     a. Identifies county parcels of land with multiple municipal lots, making it easier to target properties that have the potential for subdivision.

  • Underutilized Zoning


"He is incredibly competent and specialized providing a number of services, including, but not limited to: researching title and underlying docs, land use consulting, LA City code research, TOC incentives research, HPOZ issues, and more. He is the only source I will use, and my clients have always been appreciative of my recommendation."
"Pactriglo conducts processing of 100 million data points and renders them in real-time in response to developer queries. As a result, developers are able to accelerate decisions and prioritize investments."



What is Lidar and how can it aid you? 
Imagine having the power to see properties in a new dimension, unlocking unprecedented insights. LiDAR, or Light Detection and Ranging, is the game-changer. Let's explore what LiDAR is and how Pactriglo can leverage it.
LiDAR, a laser-based remote sensing tech, crafts precise 3D models by measuring distances. It emits a laser, captures reflected light, calculates distance, and processes data for detailed models.


Pactriglo's Power:
  1. Precision Property Assessment:
    Meticulous 3D models reveal property details with unmatched precision.
  2. Strategic Lot Analysis:
    Accurate lot info streamlines selection for perfect project alignment.
  3. Dynamic Project Planning and Design:
    Optimize layouts with LiDAR's 3D models for seamless integration.
  4. Environmental Impact Assessment:
    LiDAR showcases Pactriglo's commitment to sustainable development.
  5. Construction Monitoring Mastery:
    LiDAR ensures projects stay on track, guaranteeing precision at every phase.
  6. Surveying Excellence: 
    LiDAR ensures surveying accuracy for a streamlined development process.




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